Awa Ni Boss-u2ziddo xphizzyAxe..Coming Thruuu

U2ziddo a.k.a Obarap Has set to drop a new shii titled Awa Ni Boss meaning (we are the boss) will be featuring PhizzyAxe a.k.a Dr Rap, this dope track that is coming thruu will tear ground more than expected, his fans and fams have been groaning to hear d track.. But u2ziddo went further assuring them that the track must surely drop this year…… There have not been chance for studio works now cuz of one or two things engaged to him…. He went further thanking and praising his fans for their words of encouragement towards him, he also hail dat igbo bad rapper called phizzyaxe a.k.a dr rap for accepting the funk collabo. comingthruu Awa Ni Boss u2ziddo X phizzyaxe……….. Oshhayu2ziddo-1


a fast rising act SURVIVAL NSC: by u2ziddo

A born Enugu rapper and comedian who have been making waves in the Entertainment industry (Survival NSC) have released another track “OBIOMA” and planed to host a comedy show soon “survival goes to church” was interview by Emmaclem and he said he cannot leave music or comedy for each other because both of them pays him. But comedy is what I love doing most. I started comedy back in the school when I was I primary school right from my school I’m popularly known as Mc Survival because I usually do MC in my school during our end of the year party. I put my trust in industry and have confident on it and today now I can’t still believe that the industry made way for me, in comedy industry I’m popularly known as Survival NSC A.k.a gbagam Master, but in the music industry popularly known as Survival NSC A.k.a D.rapmachine by the special grace of God I have my own studio and record label “Phobia Kingdom” which is owned by me, Wally Phobia and Crownstar I’m dropping a new track sooner than later Titled “Son of Jubilation Mountain” which I am dedicating to my church and God. I am also into acting but acting cannot pay me what music and comedy do pay me I’m so good in it that’s why I can’t leave music or comedy for each other.

survival NSC

SoundHeros: Soundprince – Carried-Away; by u2ziddo

Soundprince the (odinobimCrooner) sets to drop a new dope hit titled; (carried away) a love fayatune that needs to be played severally, after some certain tracks he went further to release this hot tune that is to drop soon

Soundheros; presents soundprince carried-away a dope tune for all music lovers see artworks below; designed by u2ziddo’s(design)

see links to other tracks by Soundprince

LIVING LIFE starzee-acidic by u2ziddo

after dropping world of pain starzee-acidic tends to release a new hit titled living-life, to be released on the 22nd of December.
Starzee-acidic, is a recording and a performing artiste tends to drop living life, it is a wonderful jam written by him and produced by UD pro. He plans on dropping it soonest never minding that world of pain is still tearing ground in the industry.
Lets Anticipate this hot jam from starzee-acidic…

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after the struggles in the industry DJ-LYON finally drops this hot gbedu titled PARTY-GIRLS which is meant for the dope ladies in the Hood-Blon.

Dj-lyon a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and a performing act. has dropped his latest single titled PARTY-GIRLS it was mixed and produced by DJ-LYON himself. After the dropping of the jam, the girls in the street have been disturbing the young talented producer and singer to drop more that they are not ok with only one that he should tear more EP’s in the industry that they are fully waiting.

Party Girls is a jam for the dope girls in town if you are a dope girl you need go download this gbedu or if you know your GF is dope you gas download it, even your sister, cousin, any girl around you, do fast before it is too late.

see download link below
see art works below…
lynn lk





Soundprince A Fast Rising Act, has stormed the industry with another hot fayatune after dropping My-Heart-Desire and My-Baby-My-Love, he has come again with Odinobim produced and mixed by SAFBEAT, he assured his fans that the links to the defunct single will be out soon that they should keep calm, that he is planning on massive promotion towards the jam ODINOBIM.

Soundprince Revealed that Odinobim is his first single ever, that is why he has planned a massive promotion towards it and he planned to release the jam like a bomb.

Odinobim is a Hip-hop/Afro-pop jam, he mixed the both together to make it reasonable.
Soundprince assured his fans on his page, group and on his personal account on social media  that Odinobim is different from every other jam that he has dropped, he is also begging his fans to help him make the jam go well by downloading it.

Soundprince drops a new jam titled ODINOBIM.
see artworks below…

princyk lo




World of Pain by Starzee-Acidic-Rapper

Starzee Acidic Rapper, is a Fast Rising Act also a rapper, singer, song-writer and a performing act. He is base in Lagos and signed to R.S.V.E (realest swag villa entertainment). He has just released a dope jam that is to be dropped on the 20th of Nov titled World of pain. He is hoping seriously on his fans and loved ones to help him make the song authentic by downloading it when it finally drops.

bus hf

artwork by u2ziddo_design

lets anticipate this dope jam titled world of pain by starzee-acidic-rapper