UZIDDO a.k.a Obarap:

My name is Ude Abraham, from Udi L.G.A of Enugu State, born to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Robinson Ude, I was born in Oshodi-Lagos Nigeria. I never knew I was gonna be a music artist until i entered 042(enugu) where i discovered my talent as a musician. I rap and sing, i do sing Hip-hop, Dance-hall and Afro-pop, to be sincere music is not a child’s play stuff it been challenges through out, for the fact that am not yet a popular artiste i still feel the pains it not been easy all the way. I thank God who gave me this talent but i owe him(God) that is using what he has giving to me to praise him, but instead i went to secular world I pray he forgives me for that.

My advice to my fellow upcoming-act is that they should be patient is not by rushing or being in haste, (if you rush am he go rush you), they should wait for their time, God’s time is the best. Many say without dues one cannot blow that is being popular but i tell you with great hard-work and courage we all would make it. Sharout to my  fans who always give me the courage to go further, i will die to music no stopping. Thanks for your support from your one and only boy U2ZIDDO a.k.a Obarap, ehsay nobe here oo omashe ooo, malowa, shotiye. fb@utwobestrapper twitter@u2ziddo_ybnl  instagram@u2ziddo follow and i promise to follow back. KUDOS



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