Awa Ni Boss-u2ziddo xphizzyAxe..Coming Thruuu

U2ziddo a.k.a Obarap Has set to drop a new shii titled Awa Ni Boss meaning (we are the boss) will be featuring PhizzyAxe a.k.a Dr Rap, this dope track that is coming thruu will tear ground more than expected, his fans and fams have been groaning to hear d track.. But u2ziddo went further assuring them that the track must surely drop this year…… There have not been chance for studio works now cuz of one or two things engaged to him…. He went further thanking and praising his fans for their words of encouragement towards him, he also hail dat igbo bad rapper called phizzyaxe a.k.a dr rap for accepting the funk collabo. comingthruu Awa Ni Boss u2ziddo X phizzyaxe……….. Oshhayu2ziddo-1


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