Sirvic-Nonla’s Profile- by u2ziddo

Nlemchukwu Victor known as (Sirvic – Nonla)

Sirvic – Nonla (the Oh baby Crooner) is a very talented and authentic artiste, he is a good one in addtion, Sirvic-Nonla is a rapper, singer, song-writer and a performing act.

sound of love

Sirvic-Nonla’s real names are Nlemchukwu Victor, he hails from Orlu in Imo State of Nigeria, Sirvic-Nonla Started music precisely in 2016, according to Sirvic his mentor is Kiss Daniel.

prof pics1


He said he loves Kiss Daniel’s style of music that is why he chose him as his mentor. He also further commented on the reason why he ventured into music, his reason was basically for fun and that he has always loved to be an artiste right from his young age and also to strive by showing the world that he is a good artiste.


I am not into music for only the money but for the passion and for the fun i have and will get from it – by Sirvic – Nonla.

Sirvic-Nonla has dropped so many jams a few but to mention are Oh – baby, Balling, Sound of Love and lots more…

see more of his artwork pics below

sound of love2





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